adrianna / April 25,2018 Website

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

I am here to say that I am back, and will be updating the site. Sorry for the mini hiatus, school’s been kicking my butt!

adrianna / January 19,2018 Appearances / Sadie / Update

Sadie has unfortunately cancelled her appearance at MonsterMania Convention due to filming.

MonsterMania Convention via Facebook:

“I’m sorry to have to announce that I have just received an email stating that SADIE SINK has cancelledher appearance at our March show due to filming”

adrianna / January 8,2018 Gallery Update / Public Appearances / Sadie

Sadie, and some of the cast of “Stranger Things”, are at the 75th annual Golden Globes! Images that are currently out have been added to the gallery! I will continuously add photos of Sadie from tonight to the site!  Click on one of my favorites to be directed to the gallery!


adrianna / January 6,2018 Website

Welcome to Sadie Sink Things, your first and biggest fansite dedicated to actress, Sadie Sink. I am still adding images to the gallery and building some parts of the site but, I hope you enjoy! The gallery already has 200+ images, so check it out!