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Stranger Things

  • In the Upside Down, no one can hear you scream.
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Character: Max Mayfield
  • Created by: Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer
  • Directed by: Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, Shawn Levy
  • Written by: Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer
  • Produced by: Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer, Dan Cohen, Shawn Levy
  • Cast Members: Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour
  • Released date: July 15, 2016
  • Episode(s) Number: all episodes season 2, 3, 4
  • Original Network: Netflix
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horro
  • Duration: 51m-

  • n a small town where everyone knows everyone, a peculiar incident starts a chain of events that leads to a child's disappearance, which begins to tear at the fabric of an otherwise-peaceful community. Dark government agencies and seemingly malevolent supernatural forces converge on the town, while a few of the locals begin to understand that more is going on than meets the eye

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      • Before working together on the show, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) already knew each other, as they had met while starring in different productions on Broadway at the same time; Gaten was in 'Les Misérables', Sadie was in 'Annie' and Caleb was in 'The Lion King'.
      • In an interview, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery admitted that they get along quite well in real life. They worked together to find ways of increasing the tension between their characters.
      • In Season 2, episode 2, Stranger Things: Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak (2017), when Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) are talking to Max (Sadie Sink) about how she's from California and that she likes skateboards, they make a joke and throw around the word "tubular". This joke also appeared in the 1993 film Hocus Pocus (1993) when the bullies are messing with a character also named Max. They are discussing his recent move from California and call it "tubular".
      • In the episode Stranger Things: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt (2019), the group consisting of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Max (Sadie Sink), Will (Noah Schnapp), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) is nicknamed "Griswold Family" by Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) when the group is communicating with other via radio during the final battle against the Mind Flayer. "Griswold Family" is a reference to the film National Lampoon's Vacation (1983), in which the main character Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) goes on a road trip with his family driving a Wagon Queen Family Truckster, which is the same car that Nancy drives throughout the third season.
      • In the Season 2 finale, Stranger Things: Chapter Nine: The Gate (2017), in the Snow Ball sequence, actors Finn Wolfhard (Mike) and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) kiss. To prepare Millie, Finn said, "I'm coming in", in a ventriloquism style. This can be seen in the final cut. Also, actors Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Sadie Sink (Max) kiss. Due to the recurring inability to capture Sadie's reaction to being kissed, the scene had to be re-shot many times.
      • In August 2021 whilst filming Stranger Things 4. Joe Keery, Sadie Sink, Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke, Priah Ferguson, and Caleb McLaughlin were spotted filming a scene that involved buying weapons from a store.
      • In Season 4, Episode 5, Dustin talks about Vecna invading Max's mind and her invading his in turn, comparing it to "Freddy Krueger's boiler room". This is a nod to the actor Robert Englund who plays Krueger in the hit movie series and the haunting Victor Creel in this season of the show.
      • Max's theme song in season 4 is "Running up that Hill" by Kate Bush. The frequent use of the song led to it going to #1 on the US iTunes chart in the first week of the season's release. In 1985, the song did not go higher than #30 on the US Billboard chart.
      • Friends don't lie. Boyfriends do.
      • You wanna kill that thing with...fireworks?
      • That's presumptuous of you.
      • From now on, you leave me and my friends alone. Understand?
      • You act like you want me to be your friend and then you treat me like garbage.
      • It’s crazy, but I really liked it. I mean, I had a few issues. I just felt it was a little derivative in parts. I just wish it had a little more originality, that’s all.
      • Totally Tubular.
      • Well I can be your Zoomer.
      • What did I tell you? Zoomer.
      • Nobody calls me Maxine. It's Max.
      • I like talking with you too, stalker.
      • Ugh, gag me with a spoon.
      • There's more to life then stupid boys, you know.
      • What is she, your little pet?

    Script developed by Never Enough Design / Edited by KaciElizabeth